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so i saw two horror movies recently i really need to tell the internet were awful.

the langoliers is a stephen king story. so really i was already scraping the bottom of the barrel to even pick it. let me tell you something? i hate king. i think he’s horrendously overrated. maybe he’s of the…

SCARING THE LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!! <— That right there is an amazing video, and if you haven’t seen the actual “Langoliers” or read the story, watch this video instead and you’ll be just fine. :D

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  2. oldthefishcrowblog said: On a note of “deadgirl” [yea, MQ did read the wall of text =O ] things like this make me mad, because the yet to be released movie “Bully” is rated R. And has been asked numerous times to be taken down to at least PG-13 to be an educational tool.
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  4. somethinglessstupid said: I’m starting to notice that Netflix descriptions of movies are usually really, really misleading. I should write a letter!
  5. tydusis said: You weren’t kidding; deadgirl is worse than 4chan. *shudders the thought*
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