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Text 21 Mar 7 notes Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012 in a nutshell.

Text 20 Mar 3 notes Some thoughts and aspiring words on the DJ culture in furry.

I was asked on Twitter by @TheRealCosmik about what furry dances are like, quoted here:

What’s the vibe at these things? Is one at a great disadvantage if one doesn’t know and rotate through whatever the top twenty Furry dance songs are at any given moment? 

He stated that he hasn’t DJ’d in quite a while, and doesn’t know what to expect at a con. So on the flight from FWA2012 yesterday I got a little carried away and wrote a little essay with all my thoughts. Enjoy!

I’m relatively new to furry cons in general let alone the related DJ circuit; FCN 2011 (April 2011) was my first furry convention and that was just under a year ago. Though, I’ve been DJing under my real name for much longer and I’ve played to a lot of completely different crowds. My college, for example, loves music that they know, but occasionally I’ll be able to play a dance tune or two before going back to Top 40 or pop. There may be a connection with the fact that I go to a small college with many gay, bi or transgendered students, but I digress.

The furry fandom is as diverse as music itself. Pick someone out of a crowd and ask them about their musical tastes, and they’ll most likely give you a completely different response compared to another. In my experience, and from what I’ve seen, furries will dance to just about anything, be it house, trance, hardcore, dubstep or top 40. At Furry Weekend Atlanta this past weekend, I followed someone who played a popular music set, and toward the end, the room was filled with the most people that night. When I started playing house afterward, part of the room slowly drifted out, but keep in mind many of them were fursuiters and I’m sure they all wanted to take a breather. But there were many people still dancing their tails off (pun QUITE intended) and the room started to fill back up slowly.

For someone who has never been to a furry convention dance, I can safely say, however, that it is in no way like a club environment. Clubs these days are busy booking headline DJs that pull in crowds that are there to see THEM. And these crowds are typically too packed to do much else than jump up and down with your arm above your head. The fandom loves to dance (hell, we have full blown competition events for them!) and it’s an excellent way to get into the music; lots of folks glow-string during the dance; I even saw a couple people with full light-up hula hoops at FWA. You won’t find that at Avalon Hollywood or Pacha NYC.

Do I think you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t play music that’s recognizable? Absolutely not. You’ll find DJs who play all kinds of genres at furry cons (like the ones I listed above) and rarely have I seen an empty floor at a dance. There are always some people dancing and enjoying it, and to me that matters a whole hell of a lot. Not to mention it really shows in your performance when you pick music that you enjoy.

So, for those aspiring DJs who get the chance to play at something like a furry con (or perhaps any gig), love what you play, and play what you love. Odds are others will love it too.

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so i saw two horror movies recently i really need to tell the internet were awful.

the langoliers is a stephen king story. so really i was already scraping the bottom of the barrel to even pick it. let me tell you something? i hate king. i think he’s horrendously overrated. maybe he’s of the…

SCARING THE LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!! <— That right there is an amazing video, and if you haven’t seen the actual “Langoliers” or read the story, watch this video instead and you’ll be just fine. :D

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This is the coolest thing I’ve seen today.

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RIP Adams ;.;

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weosule said: Which music software was for you the worst that you've used?

Honestly I haven’t really dealt with software that I couldn’t stand to use. Although, with Reason 6 you can work with actual audio now, and that wasn’t the case with 5, which was a major gripe when I first got it.

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Oh Simon.

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weosule said: Is it bad when one mixes Veoytes with coffee?

No, but the resulting bounce can trigger earthquakes. 83

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